Why Choose Us?

Cinnamon Metals is a well-established metal manufacturing company. We offer metal solutions for Roofing, Green roofing, Landscaping, Air ventilation, and also, we can provide custom sheet metal components for any industry and project. Contact us to get more information.

Our Stats

In 15 years of manufacturing experience, we are glad to have been cooperated in many projects and have been established a strong relationship with our customers. Our numbers taken from our historical database reflects confidence and growth.

More than 100 loyalty customers


At least 748 successful projects we have been part of


More than 5,000,000 Sq Ft sheet metal products manufactured


Our Products

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Inspection Chamber

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Green roof and Landscaping

#Green Roofing and Landscaping

Roofing Components

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Metal Panels

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Metal Vents

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Cinammon Metals

Custom manufacturing

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Experts manufacturing metal solutions for:

Commercial and Residential roofing
Green roofing and Landscaping edging
Decorative landscaping
Electrical and Light Industry
Air ventilation
Custom metal products for any Industry